Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Vanity truth?

Day 11 → Something people seem to compliment you the most on.

I'm very lucky to have LOVELY friends that compliment me on a few things!
I'd say the main ones would be my hair, eye
s/eyelashes and teeth.
It's always nice to get compliments!
So thank you to anyone who has given me one before :D

People say they want my hair but I'm sure if they have it for more than a couple of days it would start to piss them off! Mine always tickles my face and back whilst I'm trying to sleep. Not cool. Erin likes sleep.

I have been BLESSED with long eyelashes, and I literally would die without mascara. Like.. DIE.
I promise you I look just like this.

I have also been blessed with straight teeth! YAY FOR STRAIGHT TEETH! And they're healthy! Which is always good! I used to have terrible teeth when I was younger because all I drunk was coca cola. I was literally addicted - I got the shakes if I didn't have it! Ridiculous.
I've not had it since and now I'm very thankful they're healthy!

So anyway this post has made me sound a tosser! I'm sorry.



  1. You don't sound like a tosser! I also have VERY long eyelashes. Yay for us!
    I had to get braces for my teeth though. BOO.

  2. Haha thank you ! :) mine aren't VERRYY long, but they do :D
    and aw at least your teeth will be amazingly straight when you're older!! :) x

  3. lovely blog :)



  4. SAME about the hair. like majorly same. i just did a post about "what i love about me" (you know, the section in Marie Claire mag?) and one of the things was my hair. check it out. one of my guy friends calls me "perfect hair".
    anyways, i love having good teeth too, the 2-3 years of braces was worth it!
    and, honestly, i would also die without mascara. my lashes just arent that long by themselves.