Monday, 17 May 2010

My face is tired

I had an absolutely ridi-coo-lous 4 hours sleep last night, and now my face, eyes and body are sensationally sleepy...

But ANYWHO I shall use this as my excuse for neglecting my blog recently.
My entire TWO FOLLOWERS have been missing out on my wonders.. and for that I am TRULY sorry. (Don't worry you guys- I know you don't actually give a shit really, s'all cool)
Man, I'm lonely.

I thought I'd add a pretty picture to liven this post up - you can't go wrong with a cute dog, right?

I am so jealous of the lovely little minute fame that some people get for writing blogs.. but I guess theirs are unique, clever, witty.....

Fail to me.
Love to you... clever bitches.