Sunday, 28 March 2010

wishy wish list

I want I want I want
Of course never gets...
If I say I would like, I would like, I would like... would that make these beautiful things come to me any faster?

Today, kids - FURNITURE (:

I saw something similar to this in a shop recently- I sat on it for 10 minutes wishing it was mine.

One good thing about Britain= We have the prettiest flag :)

It's so prreeettttyyyy

I love that this sofa is so controversial.

You either love it or hate it. And I LOVE it.

I just stumbled across some of these beautiful creations on

You can just imagine what my house will be like when I'm older- an eclectic mix of random different styles. People will run in fear when they see my multicoloured mix of furniture that looks like a unicorn threw up on my couch. Lavvv it :)

Thursday, 25 March 2010

I feel like God today

I realised something today about us as humans.
It's nothing big or special, but I think it's something we all do (especially school kids) these days.
I'm talking about when you do something insignificant... but you do it right. That is the coolest feeling - and for that tiny little second- you feel like God.
For example - when I woke up this morning I was horrified to find I'd left my phone downstairs D: So I couldn't check the time (I have a strict rule never to get up before 11am if I'm not doing anything for the day). Then came a stroke of genius (happens on very rare occasions for me)... I looked over to my skylight, and was able to predict what time it was by looking at the shado
ws cast around my bedroom from my skylight... I guessed that it was somewhere between 11.30am and 12. So, I went downstairs, and would you Adam and Eve it? 11.45am. I felt like a freakin genius.
And that's what I'm talking about - those genius moments. Like in Maths when the teacher says you will be doing something difficult, but you get it straight away. Or something even more simple for me is when I pour a glass of coke and it is the perfect level, and I don't get foam all over the counter.

Seems that I'm never impressed with myself if I do something important well - like get a good grade in an exam or get an award. I'm far more impresed if I can pour the perfect coke.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

What beauts

So! I found my prom dress... well, to be honest, I found it about 3 months ago. And yep - there's still 3 months until prom. BUT HEY a girl can never be too prepared, I mean, come on - it takes me half an hour to get ready to go to Tesco, so it's only natural that I prepare in advance.
My dress is lovely... (or so I'm trying to convince myself)- it's floor length(but drags nicely just enough behind), black, and c
ompletely backless. It is beautiful- but it just doesn't feel RIGHT. I didn't gasp and gush and pee myself with excitement when I tried it on, but I just cannot afford a new dress. Dammit.

To top it all off a girl in my school happens to have gone and got a ridiculously similar dress - what a whore (only joking of course(: )- after I described it to her. Except hers cost hundreds. That hurt. Ow (thought I'd add the sound effects for extra drama- I hope you understand my pain).

But anyway, back to the point - If she is going to have a more gorgeous version of my dress - I WILL have the most awesome high heels possible. That's when I spotted those bad boys up there. There's no way in hell I could ever afford them, but I WILL find a way to have ones really similar. Granted- they may end up being from Primark, but I will adjust and tweak them in every way possible til they hold even the tiniest bit resemblence to those beauties.

Blogging virgin


I've got to say I panicked a little when I was asked to think of a blog name...
There are thousands of people around the world with blogs- how the hell do I make mine unique? And how do I make it represent me?
Messy mind was the first thing that came to me. Cos that's definately what I've got. Along with my statement messy hair ;)

Things in my life fly straight by me.. BIG things; important things. But.. the little things always seem to stick in my mind far more than the huge, life altering things... and that's good, right?
I intend to talk about the most random crap that comes into this messy mind of mine... as often as I can... It'll be my little escape to blurt out pointless life arguments (:

So yeah.. this is me.