Tuesday, 24 August 2010

SHOOT ME!... ow. why'd you do that?

Holly Booth Photography www.hollybooth.com MUA: Kira Kaur

Just one picture atm... more to come though!
Re-doing the shoot soon as we weren't happy with the lighting on the day in the woods!

I'm not keen on me in this... I LOOKS UGLY. It looks pretty good big though, and she's an awesome photo
grapher :D
She's done amazing considering it's me she's shooting!

Thanks Holly and Kira

I have a shoot in early September for an upcoming online vintage boutique.
And another shoot with the amazing Elly Lucas!

Had a trial evening for hair and make-up for the vintage boutique and it was great! I'm most likely going to be having a beehive on the day. A bit like the ones at the bottom :)

I also have a gorgeous boyfriend.
And I got my GCSE results! I'm unbelievably pleased with what I got - 4A*'s, 3A's and 2B's !
So proud of myself and all my friends for doing so good.

Looveesss <3


  1. You're awesome :) And i'm so jealous of all this modelling stuff you're doing haha! Mega exciting, you're going places baby, GOING PLACES <3

  2. Haha bless you! and JEEZUS you saw this post quick! haha :)
    aww, I don't think I'm going places really. APART FROM JAIL FOR BEING A SLAG.
    <3 xx

  3. Wow! you are so gorgeous, look at those eyes. I am so jelous. Keep up your modeling, im sure theres definitley a place for you in the modeling career. haha love it!

    I'd love it if you'd vote for me in a photo challenge. My picture is number four. I'd really appreciate it!!
    like really really really

    Heres the link


    Number 4!


  4. Wonderful pics! you look great


  5. Great photos; B&W is perfect for these pics.