Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Exercise? Me? HA!

I went to an exercise class last night!
And oh my lordy lord, it was horrific.

My mother and I stood in the back corner, giggling away at the old women doing "Call on me" video style moves. Thrusting. *Shudders*

To be fair, it was quite fun laughing at the ridiculously enthusiastic instructor bouncing around the room screaming "GRAAAPE VINNEEE!" like some crazy army officer. BUT IT WAS SO PAINFUL. SO SO PAINFUL.

I ache like a bitch this morning too, and no doubt it will get worse tomorrow - they say the second day is the worst, no? God help me.

Mama is making me go next week too.


Looovesss <3


  1. Oh no! My friend Philippa and I decided to take part in a "Box Fit" class once. We were almost dying after half an hour and then the instructor said, "That's the warm-up done". WHAT, that was the WARM-UP??

    The instructor was very bouncy and happy and thin. We hated her.

  2. Haha! IKR it was an hour class, of what I thought was going to be aerobics, but it turned out to be a full on work out with crunches and everything.. I felt awful as the 16 year old girl next to 80 year olds, and I was the one that couldn't do it! :( hahaa

    Omg our instructor was far too bouncy and happy and thin too, maybe it's a genetic disorder within sporty aerobic teachers. Bastards.

  3. lol the photo is so funny

    i hate to exercise , my mum calls me a pig haha